Delete Account

In order to delete your account with merchant or, kindly email us at and speccify the merchant name and your login email. Please note that this process is manual and may take up to 7 working days.

Access campaign page URL

Every merchant will have an unique campaign page URL where customer can access from a web browser and start their engagement (such as collecting a stamp) with your business. So, it is very important that customer can easily access your campaign page. Your campaign page URL will look like: Take note: This URL is not […]

Do you really know your customers?

As reported in one of the Vulcan Post (read post), Pandemic has caused some of the well-known F&B businesses in Singapore to close. Why? The article mentioned loss of business and footfall plus the “always there” high operation cost factors. BUT before pandemic, this was not the case; they are once a thriving businesses. They […]



What is a Referral campaign? A referral campaign is a marketing tool used by companies to encourage customers to refer new business to them. Customers are typically offered incentives, such as discounts, cash rewards, or other benefits, for successfully referring new customers. The goal of a referral program is to expand the customer base and […]

Wallet (Stored Value System)


What is a Wallet campaign? Do not mistaken this for the commonly known “digital wallet” or “eWallet” such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. MoreRewardz Wallet Tools allow individual merchant to create their own in-house wallet system where their customer can top up and use within their business. Mercant get 100% of the top up. […]

Points (& Redemption)

Points and redemption

What is a Points (& Redemption) campaign? A points and redemption campaign is a marketing strategy where customers earn points for certain actions, such as making purchases, and can then redeem those points for rewards or discounts from a catalogue. Why having a Points campaign is important? This type of campaign incentivizes customers to engage […]



What is a Voucher campaign? With MoreRewardz, you can easily create vouchers for your customer to collect and use it during specific dates. Many eCommerce marketplaces are already using it. For example, Shopee & Lazada where their customer can collect vouchers and use it during big day event such as 11.11 Why having a Voucher […]


What is a Package campaign? This is like an advance sale when you can pre-sell your multiple usage of products or services at a discount. For Example, 10 haircuts for $99 instead of $18 per haircut (or $180 for 10 haircut). Why having a Package campaign is important? Increase revenue (and cash flow), customer engagement […]

Stamp Card

Stamp Card

What is a stamp card campaign? This is one of the most commonly deployed loyalty strategy by many businesses. You determine how many stamps users need to collect to earn their reward, and what the reward will be when they completed the card. Why having a stamp card campaign is important? Increase engagement, grow customer […]