Do you really know your customers?


As reported in one of the Vulcan Post (read post), Pandemic has caused some of the well-known F&B businesses in Singapore to close.


The article mentioned loss of business and footfall plus the “always there” high operation cost factors. BUT before pandemic, this was not the case; they are once a thriving businesses. They have many customers and many could have been their regulars and loyal supporters. In fact, some can even address customers by name and even know their preferences.

So what went wrong?

Connection with their customers are merely superficial. They seem to know them, but they actually don’t.

Why am I saying this?

They simply have no means to connect with their customers outside their business because they don’t have their contacts!

So, what businesses really need are “contactable customers”.

Let’s revisit the time during lockdown. Will it affect the business? Definitely! However, if you are able to contact your pool of customers, you will still stand a good chance in getting businesses from them by contacting them (via emails, WhatsApp and even phone call). And the “benefits” of having these “contactable customers” continues….

It is easy to say, but how to get their contacts and manage them in the first place? Will someone just give you their contact out of the blue. The answer is NO! Even if some customers do give you their contact, you will also find it a hassle to record (store) them especially during busy period.

One traditional way was to put a “name card” bowl for customer to drop their name cards. If you did it, then congrats, you are already more “forward thinking” than many other businesses.

One effective way to get more “contactable customers”, you can start to do some rewards campaign such as “lucky draw” where customer need to fill up their contact details. Sound very old school, but it really work. Take a look at this video See the number of lucky draw slips they have and you will get the idea!

Fast forward to 2023!

You should start increasing your “contactable customers”. You can start with the most commonly used promotional campaign – the  (digital) stamp card.

Create your (digital) stamp card for free (forever) with

You can start (and launch) your first stamp card within a few minutes. Just a few simple steps, nothing too complicating.

Don’t be the last one!

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