Points (& Redemption)

What is a Points (& Redemption) campaign?

A points and redemption campaign is a marketing strategy where customers earn points for certain actions, such as making purchases, and can then redeem those points for rewards or discounts from a catalogue.

Why having a Points campaign is important?

This type of campaign incentivizes customers to engage with a brand and encourages repeat business. For example, a retailer may offer a loyalty program where customers earn points for every dollar they spend, and can then redeem those points for discounts on future purchases.

This type of campaign helps to build customer loyalty and can provide valuable data to the company on customer behavior and purchasing habits.

How to start a Points campaign?

All existing merchants (Bronze plan & above) can start a Points campaign via merchant dashboard.

or login to your Dashboard > Campaign Tools > Points

How do customer accumulate points?

To accumulate points, customer will need to scan (upload photo) their receipt via merchant campaign page. Merchant will approve/reject the claim. Once approve, points will be credited to customer account. Customer can then redeem for the rewards and gifts from the redemption catalogue once they have enough points.



  • Redeem a $20 voucher with 1000 points
  • Redeem a free coffee with 150 points
  • Redeem a free training session with 500 points


  • Every $1 purchas eearns 1 points
  • Rewards and gifts redemption are subjected to availability at point of redemption
  • Management reserve the rights to substitue rewards or gifts of similiar value

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