Wallet (Stored Value System)

What is a Wallet campaign?

Do not mistaken this for the commonly known “digital wallet” or “eWallet” such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

MoreRewardz Wallet Tools allow individual merchant to create their own in-house wallet system where their customer can top up and use within their business. Merchant get 100% of the top up.

Why having a Wallet campaign is important?

Increase revenue (and cash flow), customer engagement and grow customer loyalty, and get guaranteed future sales. Wallet system also offer a convenient and secure way for customers to make transactions, as they do not require access to a bank account or the use of cash.

How to start a Wallet campaign?

All existing merchants (Bronze plan & above) can start a wallet campaign via merchant dashboard.

or login to your Dashboard > Campaign Tools > Wallet


Usage & Promotion:

  • Get 10% off when you pay using wallet
  • Get a free cup of coffee when you pay using wallet


  • Strictly non-refundable
  • Not valid with other promotions
  • Unused value will not be returned

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