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Stamp Card

This is the most common loyalty program that most business used. Let your customer earn stamps and redeem rewards.

For example, collect 5 stamps get a free drink.


You can create advance promotional vouchers for customers to collect to use on specific dates.

For Example, collect this 50% voucher and use it on 14 Feb 2023


This is the most common loyalty program that most business used. Let your customer earn stamps and redeem rewards.

For example, collect 5 stamps get a free drink.


Get your customers to invite their friends to patronise your business with a reward.

For example, refer your friend to redeem a free coffee and you will get a free coffee too.

Points (& Redemption)

Let your customers accumulate points from their purchases and redeem it from your rewards category.

For example, redeem a rice cooker with 1000 points

Wallet (Stored Value System)

Create your very own stored value card! Let your customer shop cashless and rewards customer for paying through wallet.

For example, get 10% discount when you pay through wallet.

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The simplest & most efficient campaign builder to attract & retain customers for your business.

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$99 per quarter
$299 per year

(save 25%)


$299 per quarter
$899 per year

(save 25%)


$999 per quarter
$2999 per year

(save 25%)
Customer Registrations
up to 200
up to 1,000
up to 5,000
up to 25,000
Interactions (reset monthly)
Campaign Page
Customise Page Design
Contact Detail
Outlet Location
Link Google Map
Customise Social Sharing
Business Verification (Blue Tick)
QR Code
Add to favourite
Campaign Tools
Stamp Card
Payment Mode
1 User
5 Users
15 Users
30 Users
Send Customer Reminder
Customer Management
View Only
View + Download
View + Download
View + Download
Affiliate Program
Campaign Consultation
Email Support
Yes, 48 business hours
Yes, 24 business hours
Yes, 12 business hours
Yes, 6 business hours
It is free forever, no hidden terms or whatsoever!

Added Benefits

Give your business an additional boost. All included!

  1. Campaign Page URL

    Every merchant will have their own merchant campaign page URL. Customer just need to go to the URL in any web browser to access the merchant campaign homepage. The URL will look like
  2. Logo

    This is the merchant’s logo. Recommended size is 500px
  3. Page Cover

    You can share your most impressive image that best represent the business
  4. Add to Favorite

    Customer can save Merchant Campaign Page in their profile for easier access next time.
  5. Social Sharing

    Customer can share Merchant Campaign Page URL socially with just one click
  6. Blue Tick

    This blue tick means merchant has been authenticated and verified
  7. Outlet Location

    This will show the default location of the business. Once clicked, it will open up google map app
  8. Rating & Review

    Customer can rate and post review of their experience with the business
  9. Like / Dislike

    Customer can express their reaction (Like or Dislike) towards the business. The number shown is accumulative reactions by the customers
  10. Page Banner

    Merchant can select the best promotion to highlight at the campaign home page.
  1. Stamp Card

    All active stamp cards campaign will be shown here. The “number” indicates the number of active stamp card campaign
  2. Voucher

    All active vouchers available for customer to collect will be shown here. The “number” indicates the number of active voucher
  3. Package

    All active package available for sale will be shown here. The “number” indicates the number of active package
  4. Referral

    All active referral campaign will be shown here. The “number” indicates the number of active referral campaign
  5. Points

    Customer can redeem their points and exchange for gift
  6. Wallet

    Customer can top-up their Wallet and use it to pay directly to the merchant
  7. Login/Signup

    Most of the functions requires customer to login in order to participate in any campaigns or reviews. This way, merchant gets to
  8. Notifications

    Contains all notifications to customers
  9. Contact

    This is the business contact details
  10. Outlet

    This will list out all the outlet location of the business

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MoreRewardz is an innovative Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty Program solution that automates marketing & Sales processes. It enable businesses to create and maintain better relationships with their most valued customers and make it easy for them to reward their loyal fans. To their  customers, MoreRewardz is a mobile web that makes it easy and fun for shoppers to discover new places to shop, dine and claim rewards.

MoreRewardz allows businesses to create their very own loyalty rewards campaigns which can be updated and edited easily.

At $0 cost, MoreRewardz has multiple campaign tools such as Stamp Card, Referral, Package, Voucher, etc  that will help your business get more sales, more customers and more cash flow.

The best part is, you do not need to spend money on new devices or even engaging professionals to start. MoreRewardz campaign is DIY and works on any web browser and a smart phone.

Of course! MoreRewardz campaign can be setup easily with no technical knowledge required. As long as you have a browser with internet access, answer a few questions and your first loyalty rewards programme is ready to launch, all within 7 minutes. 

Yes, you can always access to your dashboard and campaign pages at anytime and anywhere, at your convenience!

Yes. We take our clients’ data very seriously and use only the most advanced security measures to protect our cloud-based storage.

Absolutely. MoreRewardz plans starts from $0. And if you upgrade to unlock more features, the plans are monthly or annually based.. You can upgrade OR cancel your plan at any time (but note that refunds are not given for cancellation).

Yes. All our clients may contact our customer service agents via emails. If you need more premium support, please contact us for more details.

Yes, we provide training tutorials. These are more than sufficient to setup and launch your campaign. More detailed and personalised trainings are available. Please contact us for the details.

You customer will just need to access your Unique Camapign Page URL via any browser, sign up and start enjoying the promotion from your business.

To make it even easier, you can download your business poster from your merchant dashboard. This poster have a QR for your customer to scan & access your campaign page instantly. Be sure to print it out and paste around your shop for more visibility.

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