Sales Campaigns Got You Squeezing Your Brain (and Wallet)? MoreRewardz Offers a More Effective Way to Connect With Your Customers


Kuala Lumpur, 01 February 2023 – How long does it take a merchant to set up a sales campaign to connect with potential customers and generate sales? Weeks? Months? This is all without taking into account the funds required to set up said campaign. Founder of Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Program platform MoreRewardz, Welson Ang, proudly claims that his new solution is not only powerful enough to achieve sales goals, but it can also be done in less than 7 minutes, for free.

Compared to traditional sales campaigns, MoreRewardz boasts a hassle-free experience that empowers business owners to DIY their ideal campaigns from the comfort of their homes, all the while being guided by an uncomplicated and fool-proof step-by-step tutorial from the get-go. Aside from the obvious cost and time saving, business owners will also be able to access real-time information on their campaign straight from their mobile phones. 

“As an entrepreneur myself, I am no stranger to the pain points of running a sales campaign, hence, I established MoreRewardz to empower local SMEs and allow them to connect with their customer base easily. The platform can be used in almost all sectors, from car washes to hawker restaurants, from tuition classes to saloons and even cleaning services. We hope that this will provide service providers with that extra push to interact more with their customer base without any hidden or additional costs,” stated Welson Ang.

Gone are the days when business owners are forced to slog through hours’ worth of information and data just to gauge their customer base’s interest and campaign effectiveness. Through the MoreRewardz platform, business owners can review, analyse, and make adjustments on the fly to iron out kinks in their campaigns.

With 6 different possible campaign tools such as stamps and vouchers – all interconnected within the ecosystem – business owners can implement those that work best for their use cases in just a few clicks. Not only that, the tedious tasks of recording transactions are also reduced through the usage of the application, as it logs information automatically and seamlessly.

“Cash flow is often a key determinant in initiating sales campaigns. This could result in a catch-22 situation, in which merchants refrain from running efforts that could boost sales tremendously out of fear of losing revenue,” said Welson Ang. “As such, MoreRewardz is also designed to be a personalised Digital Wallet System. Through the app, merchants can start collecting transactions from their customers long before a sales campaign even commences, thereby increasing cash flow instantly and providing much-needed assurance and security.”

Furthermore, Welson believes a business cannot run solely on new customers. For a business to truly weather any upcoming recessions, a steady stream of returning customers should be the main focus to ensure a stable profit for the company. Therein lies another problem, it is not uncommon for businesses to experience a boom in sales after a successful sales campaign, the hard part is converting these customers into regulars.

More often than not, customers find new businesses through social media and through platforms such as Grab and Touch N Go. That’s the easy part, the challenge lies in keeping these visitors and converting them into loyal patrons. Typically, businesses will have to repeat their marketing efforts in order to appeal to these customers again. Unfortunately, this is not economically sustainable for businesses as it costs time, money, and effort. Not to mention, the chances of success are not guaranteed,” added Welson.

Through the MoreRewardz platform, merchants will be provided with useful information on their customers, which will prove priceless as they can not only launch a sales campaign in just a few clicks, but also reach out to customers whom the campaign will be most appealing to. Discounts, promotions, and special features can all be shared with their customers in an instant to ensure continued visibility and attention. As an example, by following a simple step-by-step process, merchants and business owners can send a notification to inform their customers of an upcoming promotion or clearance sale.

MoreRewardz offers 4 tiers in their pricing structures, all delivering various features and benefits depending on company size and use cases, with upgrades subject to necessity. The first tier – Copper, is made free for everyone and will serve budding entrepreneurs and businesses best, whereas the highest tier – Gold allows for up to 5000 customer databases and 15000 transactions per month.

At no cost, Welson believes that MoreRewardz is one of the best options to kickstart business expansion journeys at little to no costs. To further sweeten the deal, Welson is also offering personal consultations for SMEs and companies who are on board.

Founded in 2015,  MoreRewardz is a merchant authentication system and payment gateway packaged in a hassle-free application and now is available on Apple App Store and Google Play for merchants. To find out more, please head on to


 About MoreRewardz is an innovative Customer Relationship Management & Loyalty Program solution that automates marketing processes. We help businesses create and maintain better relationships with their most valued customers and make it easy for them to reward their loyal fans. To consumers, is a mobile app that makes it easy and fun for shoppers to discover new places to shop, dine and claim rewards. 

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