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The purpose of payment modes in your campaign page is to determine the type of payment you will accept within your campaign page.

For example, if you created a package to sell, by default, you customer only have the option to “Pay over Counter“, where you will need to collect and authenticate the transaction with MRZScan App.

By adding credit card payment (or even Wallet), your customer can now purchase the package directly.

MoreRewardz allows merchant to link their Stripe account as a mode of payment. 

This article will show you how to add Stripe and activate credit card as one of your payment modes.

Step 1:

Login to your Stripe* account

*Please ensure that you already have a Stripe Account.
(You can sign up from


Step 2:

Click on the Developers button


Step 3:

Click on the API keys button

Step 4:

Tap on the line of Publishable key and click to copy.

You will then paste this key into the Publishable Key Box in your credit card payment setup.

Step 5:

Paste Publishable Key. Do not close this broswer yet. 

Instead go back to Stripe to create a secret key.


Step 6:

Click Create Secret Key Button 

Step 7:

Give it a name (example mrz) and you will be able to see the keys.

Please copy it now as it will not show up again. In the even that you need this key, you will need to create a new secret key again.

Step 8:

Paste the Secret Key and click Submit. Your are done!

To check if it is working, you will need to enable credit card payment for package or wallet reload and try making a puchase. If it doesn’t work, please go through the steps again to ascertain each step is done correctly. 

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